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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions, should you have any questions which is not here, feel free to contact us!

Yes. Main line surge is no absolute guarantee and any additional surge protection downstream in the system offers a greater level of protection. Though nothing is absolutely safe when it comes to the power of Mother Nature.
No. Surge & Lightning Protection only offers additional levels of protection. Nothing can guarantee complete protection against Mother Nature and where she chooses to strike.
Except in the case of definite faults, circuit breakers should not trip. Check to see if some type of plugged in appliance is causing the problem.
Usually the problem is simply an overload and you only need to run fewer appliances on the circuit. However, if it is not overloaded and it keeps tripping, you should suspect a short. Also, look for a defective cord or plug. Unplug appliances and if it still trips after doing so you will have to call in a electrician.
In most cases the answer is no. They are designed to blow at certain levels to protect equipment and for fire safety.
Surges are created by lightning or from the local power station. Sometimes, a surge of electricity can flood out to the residents from the power station as we experience during load shedding. A surge protector helps to protect your electrical devices from a power surge. Usually, surge protectors are used for electronic devices such as computers and flat screen televisions but will also help to protect any other electrical devices on your property. If you appreciate your electrical devices and want them to perform efficiently without having to worry about replacing them, you may want to consider protecting your devices with a surge protector. .
Electrical work is not without its risks. The question comes down to what are you willing to risk in order to save money. Electricians go through a tremendous amount of training for a reason. Even the smallest electrical jobs can lead to costly mistakes. Often times leaving it to the professionals is your best choice and will save you money in the long run.